Wednesday, March 11, 2015

BIG Swap - Большая перемена в Daimler Mercedes

Почему-то эта новость прошла не замеченной на страницах того же isicad, хотя она достойна изучения (прочитал эту новость еще 2 февраля)
Mercedes меняет CATIA (Dassault Systemes) на NX (Siemens). 6000 пользователей, огоромное количество наработок (legacy data)! Это масштабное изменение - повод задуматься AEC-отрасли. Интересные моменты из статьи:
...Was it a smooth transition process? ”No”, professor Alfred Katzenbach, says in this TV-report. ”A project of this magnitude never is; that's an illusion. Nobody can ever convince me that such a project can run without any difficulties”. It is a comprehensive change process and the nature of change is that it creates uncertainty among many people.
The technology in itself isn't nessecarily the main problem. Instead, says Katzenbach, it's more a question of psychological factors, ”There's always a variety of personality types involved in such extensive organizational changes. We have, for example the "visionaries" and the "innovators", who are always easy to convince. The same goes for the ”early adopters”, while it takes a little longer to convince the ”late-maturing”. And then you've got the ”laggards” who are very hard to convince.” 
...”We selected 250 different business cases. For each one of them we worked out the needed methodology, everything based on concrete parts in production. We made videos and placed these in a reference library accessible to the users”.
This turned out to have unexpected additional benefits: ”With these cases we were able to establish new, more effective and commonly used ways of doing things among all our 6,000 plus users”, claims Katzenbach. This important ”harmonization”, as he calls it, was only made possible by a major system switch like the one they initiated.

Ну  и так далее. В общем, темы смены вендора, использование нескольких вендоров одновременно, подписки, "зоопарков" и бесплатного ПО и т.д. освежают.

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