Friday, May 10, 2013

Smartgeometry входит в историю

Культовая серия Architectural Design издательства Wiley выпускает книгу - своеобразный манифест сообщества Smartgeometry.
Приведу цитату с сайта SG (рекомендую вчитаться):
Smartgeometry (SG) is a key influence on the architectural community who explore creative computational methods for the design of buildings. An informal international network of practitioners and researchers, the group meets annually to experiment with new technologies and collaborate to develop digital design techniques.
When SG was founded in 2001 by London-based architects and friends Hugh Whitehead (Foster + Partners), J Parrish (AECOM) and Lars Hesselgren (PLP), there was little in the way of parametric tools for architecture. SG was founded to encourage the development, discussion and experimentation of digital design techniques driven by design intent rather than on construction specifications. SG calls for a re-consideration of the design process, where the creation of computational mechanisms become an integral part of designing – not a task done prior to or separate from the process. In the early years of the workshops this need for new ways of design thinking led to the development of Bentley´s GenerativeComponents software. In recent years, the ecology of these design environments has diversified to include multiple software platforms, as well as innovative fabrication techniques and interactive environments. SG has grown accordingly from a handful of experts to an international network of designers who are defining the future of design. Founded by digital pioneers, it creates the algorithmic designers of the future.
Список имен достойный. Кстати, конференция спонсируется издавна Bentley, а Роберт Эйш сейчас что-то разрабатывает для Autodesk.

Contributors of original text include:

Robert Aish
Martin Bechthold
Mark Burry
Chris Williams
Robert Woodbury

Featuring projects by:

Foster + Partners

Не думаю, что тексты в книге чем-то сильно отличаются от обычных, "параметрических" текстов, хотя все же надежда на оригинальные мысли у меня остается. Однако, сам факт издания книги по итогам деятельности "цифрового" сообщества таким брендом, как AD заставляет задуматься. 
А мы что? 

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